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This site is self help site for gamers on Facebook. Your friends don’t play the games you play? No problem. Join the game group and ask to be friends and you will get loads of people.

Create your League/Clan group to discuss stuff. The FB games have their own open groups where you can join and ask for help or join the chat/forum of that game. Just be nice to everyone.

Find an awesomse game on FB we haven’t added yet? Let us know by sending us the name of the game click here

Have fun and win the game with tons of friends.

Other stuff:

Be careful of spammers and only accept friend request from those you talk to here or on FB. You can message others directly here if you wish before adding them to your FB friends.
It’s better to add those who are active on FBGamers.me in the Games groups. You will get much better team mates.


The site requires you to login / register with your Facebook account to access any member’s profile or discussion groups to be fair to everyone. The site does not allow for search engine indexing except for public pages that do not have names or forum posts etc.
When you sign in with Facebook following info is recorded:

1. Email address – This used for notifications from this site and not displayed to other members by the site.
2. Your Facebook Profile ID or nickname which is used to link your Facebook page on your profile and also generate a unique user id so you dont have to choose one. Also other gamers (who are logged in ) may find you on facebook but they still need to ask for friend request on facebook or on this site. You don’t automatically become friends with everyone on facebook.
3. Your Full name as provided by facebook. You can ofcourse edit this in your profile if you like to display some other name on forums and such.
4. If at anytime you decide you dont want to be a member you can delete your account by logging in and the visiting your profile. You can delete yourself and be gone anytime you wish.
Note: Facebook login is very safe and completely legitimate and thousands of websites use it. The games use it too, so if there was anything fishy about it I am sure Facebook would shut us down.

This website is by gamers for other facebook gamers. We want to make friends not enemies. Your information will never be sold or disclosed to 3rd party. Your information is with facebook mostly, not here and there is nothing to gain for us here by doing so. To be honest, you should worry more about facebook and less about here.

lastly the website uses some 3rd party services like OneAll to facilitate the facebook login and sign up on this site. This service removes the technical hassle for us so we can play games instead of make website (bleh) you can find their (oneall) privacy policy here http://www.oneall.com/company/privacy-policy/


If you are still worried then…. what are you doing here. Go away. =P

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