Happy New year 2013

January 1, 2013 in News

Happy new year to all the friends who joined our little Gaming site and support each other in games.
It has been absolutely awesome making 50 friends in-game in a day. Thank you, to all of you, for spreading the word and setting up gaming groups. Everyone in the Stormfall gaming group has been absolutely amazing in bringing us more friends. I can say easily that I met some fine people here thanks to your efforts.

It has been only a week and we have over 80 members. New games were added but they are yet to see as much member support as the awesome Stormfall game group. who have continuously asked people to join us here and helped then with getting more friends through the site. The site is new and has it’s flaws.

Please continue to do your part and spread the work about this site to other gamers. Every bit helps and anyone who joins is helped so much more.
To keep you posted I will write this short bit of news every week and cover anything you would like me to announce for you in different section. Your suggestions and announcements are most welcome ­čÖé

Added support for automatic translation to support Espanol, Deutsch and Francais so you can invite your friends over to who may not be as adept in English as you are. How it works is that we can use our preferred language by selecting the language (see site bottom) and the pages are automatically translated. So you can in theory discuss stuff with someone who is writing in German. Also as we know automatic translation is not perfect and is reason for much humor and confusions. So if you feel you can contribute better translation for a line or for example this news piece you can do so by selecting “Edit translation” next to language option and providing your translation. Which would be awesome since some you are bilingual. Games should not have a language barrier, imo.

Need more languages? just post here Help group


Ancients League is recruiting for Stormfall. Contact @dusty-howell-56

Prototype league is recruiting for Total Domination. Contact @anish-kulkarni-735

Empires and Allies Game group is now available for joining.

GLHF and spread the word folks

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