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by vangel

Steam ID enabled and more games added for Facebook.

January 19, 2013 in News

The community has been quiet for awhile now. Specially because holidays have ended and most of us are busy with regular , everyday work stuff. However a lot of members are active and some are helping with suggestions and bringing friends over. We definitely need a lot more activity and more members here so invite your friends who play over to FBGamers.

Here are the new games and forums added recently.

  1. Farmville 2
  2. Battle Pirates
  3. Pirates: Tides of Fortune
  4. Diamond Dash

Cityville 2 was suggested and if you play then vote for that suggestion here


Now on to the good stuff. Colin Speedydj is one of our founding members and he suggested we should have a Steam games community. I felt it was a good idea because a lot of us also play PC/Mac games on Steam. Some work had to be done to make this work with both Facebook and Steam so we can find each other on both sides. It is now possible to Sign up with Steam! also if you are already a member you can login with Facebook as usual and then head over to this not-so-secret Admin area. Menu on Top Bar on the left->Drop-down select Dashboard. There you can click on “Profile” to Edit it. Optionally you can just click this Profile Link once you are logged in to FBGamers.

Once in the profile section you can see the Steam logo at the very bottom. Click it to start the process and add your Steam profile to (Steam will ask you to login to your Steam account on their site, it’s just like Facebook). Follow the pop up window instructions and your Steam profile is now available at FBGamers so they can add you as Friend on Steam. This is great as now we can make friends with people who play the same PC/Mac games going forward. You can invite your friends from Steam as well and you should, so we have a lot more friends. Your friends can sign up with Steam instead of Facebook if thats what they want to do.

This is completely secure but we do not have more features right now. Like displaying your Steam ID or Games you like so others may add you as Steam friends. I will continue to work on this and with you help we might be able to make this work.

Note to Existing members: You can also sign up with steam separately but that might cause problems for you. The suggested way is to follow the “Edit Profile” way as above. If you used the same email for Facebook and Steam account then you can already login with Steam as well.