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fbgamers gamers and friendsWants to make tons of gaming Friends?
Yeah this place is new. You play FB games or any other online games, but don’t have enough friends to pound others, this is the place to hang out and ask for “add me”.

Find a game group or suggest a new game group . You can start the group yourself !

You can even start a league or clan Group with Forums and make it private for your friends only.

Any FB, Plus, Steam, Social, Online games you play can be here!



Wants to make tons of game Friends?

1. Register / login with Facebook

2. Join your favorite game groups and post in the forums. Find the members of the group , go to their profile and click their FB Button to add them.

3. Profit.

Ok there is more. You can

4. add other people who ask to be added as friends/clans or allies by going to their Profile and looking for the facebook profile link. If you are in a group then people will send you friend requests. You should also strike up discussion in forums to help others or introduce yourself. People like to add those who are active on FBgamers.

5. Whenever possible, ask people to join here on FBGAMERS.ME, so it benefits everyone. Instead of typing add me tell them about If we don’t tell other people this tool is useless ­čÖé

So Hit “Like”



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  1. in less than a day we are already growing:
    25 members
    1 league
    and about 4 games (adding more as requests come)

    thanks and keep sharing

  2. Hello, everyone this website was designed to gather people all over facebook and play this game together. To add people in the group Stormfall:Age of war. Enter group and click each individual’s person profile. Then click the facebook Icon to be directed to their profile to send a friend request.

    Hola a todos, este sitio web ha sido dise├▒ado para reunir a la gente en todo facebook y jugar juntos. Para agregar personas en el grupo Stormfall: Edad de guerra. Ingrese grupo y haga clic en el perfil de cada persona individual. A continuaci├│n, haga clic en el icono de Facebook para dirigirse a su perfil para enviarle una solicitud de amistad.

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